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Sunday, August 17, 2008

And yes people! I have moved!

If anyone did remembered reading all me moving to wordpress, yea. I finally am done with my shifting, so from now on, please proceed to the new wordpress burogu :D


a shoutout to Wei Long , my email is as of below(just in case you didn't notice it at the tagboard) :

rena_joy AT hotmail dot com
Just put the symbols as to where they are as I do not want spam bots infesting in my email inbox if I were to put my whole email here. :)

an obligatory yoroshiku onegaishimasu :) I see you guys over at the new blog. See you then ^_^

Colouring with Photoshop

yes, I know it's fugly. T_T; Will try harder next time round desuuuuuuu~
My verdict? I sucks at colouring and using Photoshop. 超下手よな~ ._. *wipes sweat*

but being the first time touching digital media, let's just say I managed to make the first step in coloring(control + z became a real effective weapon to use for noobs like me ^_^;)

Unspeakable, Unthinkable, Unfathomable

I had a slight tiff with my sister, which is around some minutes ago.

My sister was almost as astonished as if I have never studied in my whole life before. I didn't really blame her for that for when I'm busy moving my mugger ass studying, she never really did see that for herself. Then again, I mug for the sake of myself, I don't really give a hot damn whether people did see that I did put in my effort. (My mum, dad and sisters rants to me that all the time) I felt rather insulted because it's almost as to accusing me to things I had never done before.

I had never exclaimed before I wish to be an elite in my own studies, as long I'm contended with my performance, that's almost the end of that particular chapter. That's it, as simple as that. Even to scoring your average-sit-on-the-fence grade, as long I'm contended, that's fine.

But my sister begs to differ. Her concept to mugging is entire different from me. I have no idea whether if it had to do with horoscope(she's a Scorpio btw, the 2 Scorpio-s I know has the same mugging pattern.) She can mug the whole day, sustaining her television program diet and even away from the computer for the whole day. These are things that I can't do without, I will DIE should I not go touch the computer for the whole day. So there she go, assuming the stats of me using the computer is of a greater proportion to mugging(i wonder where the heck she can get those stats from) and those grandmother tales that she never fail to repeat.

I'm just plain speechless to what she had to say. I mean, what's the use of countering that especially with my lousy scores?(to her) I was going to like, "I don't see the point in explaining things you do not believe, if you don't there's nothing much I can do."

Just as she was gonna repeat her grandmother tales again, I did manage to shut her up with a "Look, I got a 19 because I did studied for it and if I don't, I probably get worse grade than this. I'm happy with it, That's it."

She paused for a while, a bit defeated(for the first time I did managed to shut my sister up in this manner, okay...I'm a sadist..I know) and walking off with a "This is your life, not mine."

It's rather maddening when you have to harp on your lousy grade in front of your sister at times, this isn't the first time this tiff happened, I'm sure I would have to repeat this in the future too, until she get her O level score. How I wish that to happen soon enough, I'm getting tired of her pre-O level preach pretty soon.

for those who are worried for my sister and myself(be glad if there's one. LOL!!!) nah, one great thing about my sisters and I is that we never hold those overnight grudges, I'm grateful for that, let's just say I have to give credit to my Mum. wakekeke!

I almost couldn't sleep a wink last night, so I kept staring at my white cellning all along before I decided to kope the cd player from my sisters' room and play old japanese songs. So nostalgic I tell you!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


"Nostalgia is for those who doesn't wish to turn old" - Troy, The Resident Tourist

Well said.

The Resident Tourist is rather awesome local comic to read on. ;) recommend locals to really check this out.

2 hours and counting...

Friday, August 15, 2008

3 months.

...the time I took to complete Persona 3 FES.

I'm happy for finally finishing the answer arc, one thing is that, no more leveling up and fighting mini bosses and realized after defeating one, there's stronger ones at the back of those doors. The agony -_- but the reason as to why I persisted to the point of completing the game is because after defeating several mini bosses, you will be awarded with a video that consists of the character's past. This is the only part I loved about the answer arc cause I'm those who are just too freaking lazy to level up my characters, but for the sake of watching those videos which usually lasted less than 10 minutes, ah wells.


At the same time, I felt a twinge of sadness as well. Now that I'm left with nothing to play, except*coughSilentHill2cough* and I think my ps2 will see its light only around December, the dust accumulated should be enough to choke a kid by then. I kid. Do forgive the pun intended XD

Departing sure is depressing, yea? ; w ; I was like bawling all the way once the Main Character shown his face for the first time in the answer arc.

and hell yes, thank Haruhi that the answer arc is a happy ending :) It's just so comforting to know that.

At the meantime, I did keep tab on what's going on with P4(which meant to say, I watched the video walkthrough in another words) It's just so tempting to watch the rest, but for the sake of not spoiling myself too much, I gave up the thought instantly. I have never desired December to pass by so quickly before. lol


but gosh, Naoto really is the love~8D and lol, beware for your resident kuma might be a trap~!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

WARNING : Potential Mugger At Work

Just as the title suggests :

With a little touch of photoshop magic ^^;

With that, 3/4 done for DSTR and starting at DBMS at the point of typing.

And oh, she bites too. :D

ps: I burnt my own finger by myself...how dumb can I actually get...so much for the mugging -_-


As quoted from one the variety show I watched yesterday :

"It all boils down to one thing, and that is talent"

*holding back tears* Things sucks when nothing turns out right. Trying not to give up desu!
although it's true I haz no talent =x

*hums Utada Hikaru's "Keep Tryin"*

*rolls on floor*

With that said, think I need a good night rest before I get emo-ified. DX


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do You Remember Love?

This is one outstanding Alto-hime in any way you can see...er..her! 

If I were to pick my most favourite song out of the Macross Frontier...Do You Remember Love(Ai Oboetemasu ka) definitely takes the cake.

So being bored(I'm trying to forget the fact that my exams are starting next week *whistles*) I thought if I could put my understanding skills to the limit : translate the song.

Mind you, my Japanese understanding standard aren't really that outstanding, but just wanna know where I stand. hur hur. XD

it may not be 100% correct, but heck, no one would pretty much bothers about that XD


今 あなたの声が聴こえる
淋しさに 負けそうな わたしに
今 あなたの姿が見える
目を閉じて 待っている わたしに
昨日まで 涙でくもってた
おぼえていますか 目と目が会った時を
おぼえていますか 手と手が触れあった時
それは初めての 愛の旅立ちでした
I love you, so
もう ひとりぼっちじゃない


Ima anata no koe ga kikoeru
"koko ni oide" to
samishisa ni makesouna watashi ni

ima anata no sugata ga mieru
me o tojite matteiru watashi ni
kinou made namida de motteta
kokoro wa ima...
oboeitemasuka me to me ga aitte toki o
oboeitemasuka te to te ga fureatta toki
sore wa hajimeteno ai no tabitachi deshita
I love you so..
Mou hikari bochhi jya nai
anata ga iru kara...

Now, I can hear your voice,
saying "Come here"
As I have been defeated by loneliness

Now, I can see you
walking towards me...
With my eyes closed, and waiting
Till yesterday I held onto my tears
Now, my heart is...
Do you remember? The time when our eyes meet
Do you remember? The time when our hands touch
That was the first time I set out my love journey
I love you so..
I'm no longer lonely
For you are right here




你还记得吗? 当我们的眼对到对方时
你还记得吗? 当我们的手触碰到对方时
I love you so..

yes yes, I do know there's a major difference between the Chinese and English translation. My Chinese really sucks now and I do know the exact idiom to portray what I'm doing : 搬门弄斧 (hope I get it correct XDD)

so fun~ but then again, I do really think I should start revising my Kanji now since there's finally jap lessons starting next semester*dances around the room* There's just way too much questions I wish to bomb the teacher on japanese classes. LOL. I'm such a pesky student. D:

okay, for now(hopefully), time to move my ass to do some serious mugging.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Something to keep your spirits up :)

I cant help but to view the resident tokyo storm tropper(yes! Danny Choo! and not forgetting Hector from kirai.net) video whenever I needed some gag. This definitely helps, now that I feel rather high with those laughing. XD

if not for him, I can say I have zero interest with Star Wars. With him dancing around Tokyo(gotta take my hat off him for that) just makes me want to dance in one too. Then again, that stormtropper outfit cause a bomb! With my expenses, guess it aint a good idea, huh?

Rock on with the Rick Tropper! :D

ps: got a little progress with the drawing this time round. Finally broke the "draw one page" record and started to dribble on two! ^^; not fantastic enough to goof around, but I'm still rather happy that I'm moving a step by step into improving.